In the same manner, the cycle of the seasons is also affected by global warming. There are four seasons in a year, each with its proper time. People plan their activities based on the temperature conditions associated with each season. However, due to global warming, these seasons are becoming more mixed. The proper timing for spring, for example, is not consistently observed in many countries. There is an abrupt change in temperature from winter to summer and vice versa. These atmospheric changes are a result of global warming.

Furthermore, global warming is causing heat strokes in many countries, especially those where the sun is in close proximity to the earth. The Earth’s temperature has risen to a point where the human body’s optimum temperature is unable to sustain itself. Heat strokes are occurring, resulting in the loss of numerous precious lives. Global warming poses a significant threat to all living things, and it is our duty to be mindful of our activities that contribute to changes in the temperature of our environment, thereby exacerbating the global warming phenomenon in the atmosphere.


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